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Water Saving East London | Waterfirst

Specialists in Waste Water Treatment Solutions

WATERfirst offers waste water treatment systems that takes your waste water through a series of treatment stages before it can be reused. The stages of treatment, from anaerobic through to aerobic are all biological processes. Being biological we are dealing with living organisms which require specific environmental conditions to survive and thrive.

Services offered by WATERfirst using biological remediation:

  • Sewage treatment package plants for those off grid from municipal sewer lines
  • Grey water treatment plants and grey water transfer tanks
  • car wash bay recycling units
  • Aquaculture filtration systems
  • Koi pond filtration systems – BioMech filtration system

Other services offered by WATERfirst::

  • Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) traps for kitchens and restaurants
  • Water filter systems for your home
  • Filter systems for treating borehole water for general household usage
  • Rainwater tank installations

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