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Buttons for Clothing Cape Town | Topline Manufacturers

Buttons for Clothing Cape Town | Topline Manufacturers

Topline Manufacturers has been leaders in the spin and die-casting industries since 1989. From buttons and rivets to medals, we have a great selection of products to meet all your needs.

All our designing, moulding, casting and plating are done in-house which gives us the edge on getting your products to you swiftly and efficiently.

Our highly skilled staff are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality products in the industry.

Our products are cast in Zinc alloy and plating can be done in one of the many metals available (Copper, nickel, brass, gold, gun metal, nickel free and antique finishing).

We will be delighted to fill any order from as little as 100 units up to 1,000,000+.

Our products are held by such high standards that we are willing to put them to the test for SABS Approval for strength and corrosion and the Woolworths Performance Standards.

Our products are also certified to be exported. Our clientele includes iconic corporate, shoe and clothing companies (References on request).

Custom made samples may be developed to your specifications at a minimal cost.

Visit us at to find out more today!!

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