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Unique Travel Itineraries Eastern Cape | Home & Away

Unique Travel Itineraries Eastern Cape  | Home & Away

Home & Away hosts a collection of luxurious accommodation types, unique escapes and curated road trips all situated within the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa.

The exquisite coastline from St Francis Bay toward Cape Town and the rustic countryside surrounding the Garden Route and Route 62 holds an abundance of culture, natural beauty and adventure, all of which we would like to share with you.

We have carefully selected our unique accommodation types because we are inspired to inspire our guests to create travel itineraries that are special and out of the ordinary. We want to ignite a passion and a purpose for you to explore our magnificent country, to take you on the roads less travelled, to places where time slows down, where the air is clean and where natural beauty is the highlight of your day.

We’d like for you to be free to embrace in the simple pleasures of your journey on the road home.

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