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Restorative Bodyweight Exercises Cape Town | Angel Workout

ANGEL workout videos blends the best of functional exercises, dance, martial arts, yoga & pilates and generally work all muscle groups. However, each workout video has a unique character and is especially created to target specific muscle groups. It’s a perfect yoga pilates fusion workout to build strength, balance & mobility. So, if you want a restorative workout to tone up, burn fat and revitalize your body & mind, then this is for you. Or if you want a quick stretch to reduce muscle tension while at work, this is also for you. The signature slow & graceful movements of this relaxing workout routines will invigorate you. Our quick office

The workout videos runs for about 10 – 45 min. No equipment is needed and all fitness levels are catered for.

Once you purchase the workout video of your choice, you will have instant access to the video stream. The video plays automatically in your browser from the device you purchased it on.

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