Posted April 21, 2017 at 2:48 pm by Waterfirst

Swimming Pool Back Wash Water Port Elizabeth | Waterfirst

Solve the headache of water loss from back washing your pool  with WATERfirst’s Backwash unit

Each time a pool is back washed there is a water loss of between 200 and 400 liters of valuable water. In times of water restrictions, this is an extremely costly loss! The good news is that this water can be, with the installation of a WATERfirst’s swimming pool backwash system, recycled back into your pool. The backwash unit allows the dirt from the backwash water to settle over time, and thereafter can be returned into your pool as clean top up water. In times of water restriction and with hot summer suns, this system plays a valuable part in keeping your pool running at optimum fun!

WATERfirst also installs rainwater tanks to use as top up for your swimming pool.

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