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Swimming Pools Filtration Systems East London | Waterfirst

Solve the headache of water loss from backwashing your pool with WATERfirst’s Backwash unit  Each time a pool is backwashed there is a water loss of between 200 and 400 litres of valuable water. In times of water restrictions, this is an extremely costly loss! The good news is that this water can be, with

Water Saving East London | Waterfirst

Specialists in Waste Water Treatment Solutions WATERfirst offers waste water treatment systems that takes your waste water through a series of treatment stages before it can be reused. The stages of treatment, from anaerobic through to aerobic are all biological processes. Being biological we are dealing with living organisms which require specific environmental conditions to

Aquaculture East London | Waterfirst

We install highly oxygenated biological filtration systems for the growing aquaculture industry. WATERfirst offers: A unique bioreactor as the heart and lungs of the Recirculating Aquaculture System (known as the RAS). The system is fully aerated and provides enough oxygen vital for the nitrifying bacteria to take out ammonia effectively and provide sufficient oxygen for

Koi Ponds East London | Waterfirst

Compact and uncomplicated koi pond filtration systems  The Bio- Mech Koi  is an all in one biological and mechanical filtration system for small to medium sized Koi ponds (2,500 – 10,000 litres) consisting of: The mechanical filter captures the suspended solids from the water as it filters down to the biological filter below. It is

Grey Water Treatment East London | Waterfirst

How to keep my garden green in times of drought WATERfirst has 2 solutions for you by reusing your grey water. Transfer tank – for immediate release into your garden. The grey water is dispersed to wherever you have placed your garden sprinkler. This water is not treated and is only suitable for immediate release into your

Sewage Water East London | Waterfirst

Living off municipal grid & needing sewage water solutions?  WATERfirst offers package plants specifically to deal with clients who are off municipal sewer lines, for example game farms, remote schools, golf courses etc. These package plants are specially designed for the client’s requirements and being modular can be added to if waste water output increases.

Car Wash Bays East London | Waterfirst

Cars get dirty and water is needed to clean them. A conservative amount of fresh water used to wash a car is 50 -80 litres. Multiply that by 100 cars and you have 5,000 – 8,000 litres of valuable water travelling down the sewer lines. We all like to keep our environment and cars clean

Rainwater Harvesting East London | Waterfirst

WATER is a daily essential. None of us survive without water, it makes up a big part in our basic daily needs. With drought in SA causing us to be more and more conservative with our municipal water usage, you can take a positive step forward by installing a rainwater tank and thus securing yourself